What Clients Say

"I am extremely satisfied with Jeff and the whole team. Jeff has been guiding me for over 16 years and he is always available to discuss strategies."

Brian D, Retired, Hudson, QC

"Jeff has been excellent for my children as well as myself, in fact the whole team is very professional and certainly know what they are doing. The service is personalized and unique, you are treated like a member of the family."

Christopher S.

“Jeff helped us create a much more lucrative account since joining his firm over 10 years ago. I have worked with Financial Advisors in the past however the difference is Jeff actively participates and is very reactive with the demands of the market.”

Ken R, retired, Bainsville, Ontario

“When I lost my husband suddenly, I needed a trusted source of advice to guide me through a very difficult time. I found an advisor and a friend in Jeff that cares deeply about me and my family.”


Client since 2003

“For the first time in my life I have a retirement plan that I understand. Jeff simplifies concepts and applies his knowledge in a way that makes us feel very comfortable.”


Client since 2008

My association with Richard goes back to the early 1990’s when he originally handled my mother’s investments. We have survived a few roller coaster rides along the way, which included taking defensive positions in early 2000, the tech bubble burst and the 2008 market collapse. In a manner of speaking, we came through the trenches together. There was never a situation when I didn't feel confident that he would not protect my investments. We experienced a few nail-biting episodes but Richard always took the time to talk me through it until I understood all the technicalities of the transactions we undertook. I always felt that my portfolio was handled with respect and the trust that has been generated over the years cannot be disregarded. I sleep at night!!!!

Heather Orberger
Client since 1992

Richard Walsh has been my Investment Advisor since 1992. During that time, his advice on market conditions and investment timing has been excellent. His strength and that of his team lies in their understanding of customer needs and finding financial solutions to those needs. During the last financial crisis, my portfolio remained intact thanks to timely and insightful recommendations by Richard. I have no hesitation in recommending Richard to anyone seeking good financial management.

Rod Millard
Client since 1992

I want to express my appreciation and thanks for all you have done for me during the past 25 years. Since you took over managing our investment accounts, they have grown in a strong consistent manner even given the market turmoils that have occurred. I know that we met socially a long time ago, but even then I was aware of your expertise from other clients you and I had in common. What impressed me then, was that you did not try to solicit my business as other brokers had done. You were respectful and merely chatted with me. We found common ground, and our relationship developed. These are the relationships that last a lifetime. When in 2007, you and I spoke about the markets and what we both saw as signals that all was not right, your attitude and advice was that at some point, it would be time to pull out completely. The day you called me to say “now is the time”; I didn’t hesitate and gave you the go ahead. You saved me years of earnings and savings. I will always be thankful. Others lost small fortunes, while I held my position and profited when you sent me back in. The different investment strategies you use, like your Net Worth Navigator Process, as well as you “allowing me” to have a small gambling amount, have made it enjoyable to invest and consult with you.

Not only an excellent advisor, but a true friend.

Ron Benveniste
Client since 1992

I am so fortunate to have Richard as a financial consultant, I am in good hands. He has my best interests at heart, I can be totally relaxed with Richard at the helm. I am very conservative with my investments and he honestly respects that. Richard carefully explained his method of investment and patiently answered my questions. He did not miss a thing, he made sure that my estate was completely in order from my Will to Life and Health Insurance. So now that I am retired I no longer have to work for my money, but my money is now working for me and I have full confidence that I can trust Richard to put my money to work and manage it well. I highly recommend Richard as a financial consultant.

Dino Vannelli

I was first introduced to Richard by a friend about 10 years ago. At first, I used Richard’s financial skills as a consultant to help unionized employees at CTV Montreal Bell Media who were thinking of early retirement. I have always been a big advocate of employees being well prepared for retirement.

I needed a reliable and qualified Financial Advisor who could help explain to the union members the intricacies of the two pension plans, the DC and DB plans the employees were contributing to. I needed someone who I felt would always put the employee’s best interest first and not put the interests of the insurance company or the investment firm first. I immediately recognized that Richard was exactly what we needed.

Through his unique customer investment platform, “The Net Worth Navigator Process”, Richard acts as a guide and helps you to identify your financial needs now and most importantly in your future, during retirement. He then helps you to create your very own “Financial Blueprint”.

In short, Richard is a life planner. He treats every client as an individual recognizing their individual needs.

Personally, as a client of Richard’s I am very happy. He keeps his clients well informed about their investments and his reporting of trades and investments is fast and accurate. Richard is always available to answer any questions I may have.

I highly recommend people go and meet with Richard Walsh to get a second opinion about what their present financial institution is doing with their money.

Doug Kelly
Technical Director
CTV Montreal

Have been with Richard since leaving CTV five years ago. His investing and stay the course strategy has been very fruitful and has made my retirement worry free.

Aldo Zuccala - Client since 2010

What does one say when it’s time to hand over the power financially to someone? That is all your security in life. For now and for the rest of your days, this is all your money you have worked for your whole life.

It is so bone shaking and nerve racking. Plus the fear element is there no matter what. I was taught to work hard and then harder, not work smart. There is a big difference. I never really knew about making your money work for you. It was about pay your bills, have no debt and be responsible with your money.

Fast forward 35 years. Retirement was a concept that I never thought I would enjoy without worry financially. Lack of knowledge and guidance made me very worried, considering also I was responsible for a handicapped brother. Big load!

Then came Richard Walsh. An angel from heaven with Harry Potter glasses, and a demeanor that made me very comfortable.

Aside from his profession, he is a man with such integrity and compassion that I felt a confidence that has proved through the years to be unshakable.

He has taken care of my portfolio with such brilliance, walking me through the maze, every step of the way.

To say I am content is an understatement.

I feel safe, my needs understood and above all financially very happy with his method.

Anyone that crosses his path would be very lucky to have him consult them on their finances. Even if it’s only for a second opinion. But at the end of the day it’s a financial marriage!! I wholeheartedly encourage anyone considering a financial consultant to have a meeting with this wonderful, brilliant man.

With all my respect,
Eliane Rozga